About Simply Golden Tans

About Secily:

Secily has been airbrush tanning since 2011.  Airbrush tanning is what we do all day everyday.  We have the experience from thousands of tans each year we do.  This is not just a service we have added to our business.  We are experts in airbrush tanning because we only focus on airbrush.  

How It Works for a Mobile Tan:

You contact us and set up an appointment. We travel to your desired location, set up a “tanning tent” and use an airbrush technique to apply a flawless, organic golden tan. No muss no fuss. The beauty of the “tanning tent” is there with no need for worry about overspray. The tent catches everything that doesn’t land on you. Our equipment all packs into a rolling suitcase and does not need a lot of room to work. Any 4x4 open space with sufficient lighting will do.


How It Works for Studio Tan:

You contact us to set up an appointment.  You come to our studio.  It takes 15 to 20 mins to tan you. 


Why Choose Simply Golden Tans: 

I have tried several different solutions, and have come up with the best of the best.  We match a solution tone to the tone of your skin, and then you decide how dark you would like to be.  We give a brief consultation before your first tan with us to truly understand your expectations.